liljackhorner and my mom are my heroes.

I've worn them both to complete exhaustion with all the painting over the last 3 days.  Well, 2 days of actual painting, but 1 day of running around in preparation to paint.

My feet hurt and I'm just really really tired. I know they feel the same way and it's not even their house  - and they're coming back for more!

Pictures to come soon.  Too tired to upload and post them now.

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That feeling...

Well crap.  I've got that familiar feeling creeping up in my back of my throat.  The painful swallow.  The extra mucus.  The first sign of a cold.


Zicam here I come.
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Data Plans - Worth it?

Poll #1381531 Smartphone/Blackberry/iPhone

Do you feel like the cost of your Smartphone / Blackberry / iPhone data plan (which about doubles the monthly cost of a cellphone) is worth it? Truly?

YES! I can't imagine living without it now!
Yup, worth it, but just barely.
It's a frivolous luxury, but I love it so I'll pay it.
I like the convenience, but I'm considering letting the data plan go.
Nope. Tried it. Not worth it.

What do you have?


Good Day

Spent the day at an Addictions Conference at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel (and will do so again tomorrow).  Some of you may not know that substance abuse treatment is what I used to do before I had kids and decided to do something less clinical. 

I really enjoy this topic and it's always great being around smart people with new and interesting ideas.  It definitely reinforces my plan to move back in this direction when I'm ready to go back to clinical work (which is probably soon-ish). 

I got to reconnect with some old colleagues and former-supervisor from my internship at Brigham & Women's Addiction Psychiatry Service, which was great.  They were all trying to remember how long ago I was there... "was it 5? 6 years ago?"  "Um, try almost 10!"   We all compared our aging by the growing up of our kids.  My former supervisor, who I really like and feel connected to, offered to mentor me in setting up a private practice if I ever want to head in that direction.  It's an intriguing idea...

Been picking some brains about how to go about getting my CAS or LADC (addictions treatment certifications) which would add a few $ to my salary if/when I'm ready to go back to this. 

This will also satisfy my CEU requirements for this calendar year, but I really came for the professional development regarless of the CEUs. 

I've been so BORED in my job for so long... it's great to feel that glimmer of excitement again.


One of the big downsides of my job is that I sometimes end up smelling like yucky, stale smoke at the end of the day.   I don't even allow my clients to smoke when I'm in their homes, but just *being* in there when they clearly DO smoke in the home a lot of the time.... BLECH!

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Adventures with Intermittent Heat

I've been speaking to my landlord pretty frequently over the last two weeks, much to his dismay (and mine).  I've had the heat go out on me about 4 times since January 11th and today nearly got roasted out of my apartment for the opposite reason.

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retail frustration

Why do stores sell items for the upcoming season WAAAY before it starts, and are therefore almost SOLD OUT during the season you are in?

My kids have suddenly grown out of their winter snowboots.  Like, BAM, overnight... too small.  We've been having the hardest time finding snow boots (good ones) in their size! 

Folks... it's winter!  It's snowy outside!  Kids need snowboots!  Kids grow out of stuff, lose stuff, ruin stuff.  Let us buy it during the season it's needed please?!

I think I'm going to resort to Ebay.  Even online retailers are sold out in a lot of sizes (LLBean).  
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